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Best Love Good Night Poems,Shayari,messages,Sms,Text For Girlfriend

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Best Love Good Night Poems,Shayari,messages,Sms,Text For Girlfriend:-Hello,All My friends Today we are going to share with you Best Love pomes,Shayari,Sms,Messages In Hindi.Don’t shy away from sending romantic Shayari SMS pomes to your girlfriend before you go to sleep.If you want to wish a very happy good night  Pomes to your girlfriend/boyfriend then you need some Good Night messages for him/her.We already uploaded some good night pomes for our readers.If you want to receive Latest Good Night messages directly on your mobile phone then please subscribe our news letter service.New Latest Collection For Good Night pomes in Hindi For This Side.We have tried to list out some of the best good night Shayari in good night SMS Hindi and English available on the web.All word is simple Hindi and language.I hope you will like these good night  Hindi pomes,Shayari,messages in Hindi and English.and this messages share to all friends girlfriends boyfriend and all relative.

Good Night Pomes
Good Night Pomes

Good Night Love Poems 

I know we can Snapchat, I know we can FaceTime
But I wish we could just hug it out, and be sublime
I know we can Facebook, I know we can tweet
But I wish I could just give you kisses, so sweet
I know we can Instagram, I know we can text
But I wish we could do what I say next
I wish we could hug, I wish we could cuddle
I wish we could meet, I wish we could snuggle
Until each and every one of my wishes come true
I will just lay in my bed, thinking about you
Good night....

I asked Google
How to wish my boyfriend good night
It replied
Give him a kiss and a hug with all your might
So this text is filled with hugs and kisses
Reply back to send some my way
After all, we must always do
What Google says
Good night...

Goodnight all, I'm done
I will see you at sunrise
Or somewhere in there....

“During my night walk I heard someone talking to me
The moon told me to look for the owner of my heart
I arrive to your house now
And I feel like wishing a good night to you, my love.!

Best Romantic SMS For Husband Wife Girlfriend Boyfriend In Hindi

Goodnight Love Poems 

I see you in my thoughts and dreams,
When I awake, how real it seems.
You aren't here to comfort me,
But, soon I hope you will be.

No one truly knows or understands,
You have my heart in your hands.
My love is what you truly own,
Come soon and make our house a home.

Inside those walls you are doing your time,
Not being here with me is your only true crime.
Others in your life will come and go,
But my love is true, and I'm sure you know.

I may not be rich or the prettiest one,
But I love you so much, you are my sun.
You light up my life every time you call,
When the time is up I begin to fall.

You are my stars, you are my moon,
Being with you will come very soon.
So when you sleep, take this to heart,
No one or nothing will keep us apart....

Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile,
Thinking of you makes me smile,
Being with you is the best thing ever,
And loving you is what I�ll do forever..
Good night...

Da day is ending, our luv has not,
i just want 2 say 4get me not.
Close ur eyes an think of me,
cause in ur thoughts i hope i'll b.
Ur in my head, ur in my heart,
i jst know we'll never b apart,
I cant wait 2 b with u,
cause u really r all my dreams come true....

Good Night My Love

My darling,
I have been thinking of you
Thinking of you a lot these days,
dreaming of your kiss,
and holding you.

I want to wish you
pleasant dreams,
and a sunny day tomorrow.

Good night my love.

May God watch over you,
and keep you
in the palm of his hand
cupped in warmth
and tender dreams.

May you dream
of our love and embrace,
and wake to a blessed
sunny  sunrise which fills you
with hope and love for all.

Good night my love.
Know that I am yours always, ...!

Romantic Good Morning,Sms,Massage,Status In Hindi

Good Night Poems  

I am saying good night, it's so hard to do,
you are not here with me, but many miles away,
My heart is empty, and lonely inside,
As I wipe my tears, falling from my face.

I close my eyes, while going to sleep,
with sadness inside, I begin to weep.
I remember suddenly, what you said to me,
Just meet me in the clouds, we'll enjoy the ride.

When distance is a task, it can keep us apart,
Remember, I still hold you, close to my heart.
we will float through the clouds, till the miles are gone,
Just close your eyes, we'll pretend we're together.

I can see the clouds, oh, how beautiful they are,
I sit and wait, with hope in my heart,
one day we will be, together, for ever.
Good night my love, I'll be dreaming of you...!

I hope that God would hold you tight,
I hope that Angels would keep you in sight,
Jus to make sure you feel alright,
I'm blowing you a kiss Good Night....!

a sweet poem
of a man who loves an angel
quiet and peaceful
i love it

all beauty your poems congrats


Of love basking in bliss
I am a living testimony
Perpetual love, surely this is
Such with endless harmony
I love you..

“Every passing day is like a gift to me ,
because I start every day with you
And because at night I have you by my side....”

Life goes haywire Everything seems blurry Time pauses still When you’
re not with me I’m twisting and turning In my bed,
wide awake Baby only you Can stop my heart’s ache...
Good night...

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Good Night Poem For Her

I Loved You
I have loved you; even now I may confess,
Some embers of my love their fire retain
but do not let it cause you more distress,
I do not want to sadden you again.

Hopeless and tongue tied, yet, I loved you dearly
With pangs the jealous and the timid know;
So tenderly I loved you- so sincerely;
I pray God grant another love you so....!

You are the light of my world.
You are my passion you are my dream girl.
Your voice is like a music in my heart.
You are the first thought of my day and
Last thought of night
you are the one and only for me and
I will never let you go
Good night my love!
See you in my dreams,

I wish moon always be full & bright,
You always be cool & right,
Whenever you go to switch off the light,
Remember that I’m wishing you Good Night...

It takes only a moment to be kind,
but the result can last a lifetime.
Thanks for your many acts of kindness…
Good Morning to You....

Best Romantic Good Morning Shayari, Images, Sms In Hindi

Goodnight Poems  

Hal kaysa hai Janab ka,
Kya khayal hai aap ka,
Hum to Sou gaye ho ho ho.
Tum bhi Sou jawo ha ha ha.
Good Night!!By Uzaal!

Touch your heart, close your eyes,
make a wish, say good night,
sky so wide, stars so bright,
switch off the light, sleep quiet, quiet.
Sweet Dreams..!

I was looking out the windows
thinking about the person
I care most &
the person that came into
my mind is U
so juz wanna wish u
Good nite...!

We Come with Nothing and Go With Nothing.
But One Great Thing We Achieve is,
A Little Remembrance in
Someone’s Mind & Small Place in Sumone’s Heart.
Good Night...

Best Lovely Romantic Good Night Sms,Status,Wishes In Hindi

Good Night Shayari Funny

Truthfully, I could talk about you all
day and all night and I’d still have a million
more things to say. But too many words become
meaningless, so I’ll just leave it at you’re
the most woderful person I ‘ve ever met
and I can Imagine not having you in my life....

DUNIA me reh k sapnon main kho jao,
KISI KO apna banalo YA kisi k ho jao,
AGAR kuch bhi nahi hota to DON'T WORRY,
chaddar-takiya lo aur so jao.
Good Night...

My day may Βe hectic.
My schedule may Βe tight.
But Ι would never let THΕ day end with0ut saying Good night Αnd. Sweet dreams! Good night sms for love.
Since y0ur eyes are l00king tired,
let your eyelashes hug Εach other for few h0urs,
happy journey Ιnto the world of dreams,
 Good Night Αnd Sweet DRΕAMS...

 Govir Rate Shanto Akas,Miridu Sure Boice Batash.
Akas Vora Lokkho Tara,Kuwasa Gulo Dicce Shara.
Nivye Dilam Alorbati,2may Janai
*""Suvo Ratri""*!

Romantic Good Night Quotes,Messages In Hindi For girlfriend

Good Night Love Shayari

Νow Birds Αre still Silent, Βuterflies are Ηanging up.
Sun Ιs Sleeping, Μoon Is Watching yοu. Ιt’s Time Tο Sleep,
Close yοur Eyes.
Good Νight Sweet Dreams....

Good night my very special friend,
I pray you lay in rest,
And may tomorrow bring you
Much love and happiness.
Do not think of me…i m in ur eyes, in ur heart
GooD NighT...

G"o to_bed
"D"reams_come true
"H"ave a_nice


Tu chand aur main sitara hota,
Aasmaan mein ek aashiyana humara hota,
Log tumhe door se dekhte,
Nazdik se dekhne ka hak bas humara hota.
       Good Night..!

Best Lovely good Night Shayari,messages,Sms For girlfriend In Hindi

Good Night Shayari In English

चाँदनी लेकर ये रात आपके आँगन में आये,
आसमान के सारे तारे लोरी गा कर आपको सुलायें
आपके इतने प्यारे और मीठे हों सपने आपके,
कि आप सोते हुए भी सदा मुस्कुराएं.....!

तुम दुआ हो मेरी, सदा के लिए !
मै जिंदा हूँ तुम्हारी, दुआ के लिए !
कर लेना लाख शिकवे हमसे!
मगर कभी खफा न होना खुदा के लिए...

Dekho fir raat aa gai
Good Night kahne ki bat yaad aa gai
Hum baithe the sitaro ki panah mein
Chand ko dekha to aap ki yaad aa gai.
Good Night...

जाने कब आपकी आँखों से इजहार होगा,
आपके दिल में हमारे लिए प्यार होगा,
गुजर रही है ये रात आपकी याद में,
कभी तो आपको भी हमारा इंतज़ार होगा।

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Good Night Status In Hindi

Kash phir milne ki wo wajah mil jaye,
Saath jitna bhi bitaya wo pal mil jaye,
Chalo apni apni ankhein band kar lein,
Kya pata khwabo main gujra hua kal mil jaye...

Dard Aapke intezar ka Hum Chup Chap Sehte Hain...
Kyun ki Aap Har Pal Hamare Dil Mein Rehte Hain...
Na Jane Hame Nind Aayegi Bhi Ke Nahi...
lakin Aap Theek se so Saako...
isliye Aapko Good Night Kehte Hain...!

Raat ka andhera kuch kehna chahta hai,
Ye chand chandni ke saath rehna chahta hai,
Hum to tanha hi khush thaa,
Magar pata nahi kyu ye dil kisi ke saath rehna chahta hai...!

Na jane kyun itni jaldi yeh raat aa jati hai
Bato hi bato mein aapki baat aa jati hai
Hum to aapko gud night kehna chahte hain
Lakin na jane kyun aapki yaad aa jati hai…
Good Night...

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Good Night Poem For Him

Lamho ki ek kitaab hain zindagi ,
Saanso aur khyalo ka hissab hai
zindagi Kuch jarurate puri kuch
khwaishe aduri Bas inhi sawalon
ka jawab hain zindagi....

Raat kya hui Roshni ko Bhool gaye,
Chand kya nikla suraj ko bhool gaye,
Maana kuch der hum ne aap ko sms nahi kiya,
To kya aap hamein yaad karna bhool gaye.
Good Night...

haron taraf hai faili moonlite,
Machhar bhi dene ko betaab hai aapko luvbite,
Takiye ko gale laga ke sone ka tight,
Bole to wo sweet dreams wala “Good Night” !

Ae palak tu band ho ja ,
Khawbon mein unki surat to najar aaegi,
Intzar to subah phir se shuru hoga,
Kam se kam raat to sukon se kat jaygi...

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Goodnight My Love Poems

Mera Naam Lekar Soya Karo,
Khidki Khol Ke Soya Karo,
Takiya Mod Ke Soya Karo,
Hum Bhi Aayenge Tumhare
Khayalo Me,
Isliye Thode Jagha
Chod Ke Soya Karo
Good Night....

Pyari pyari raat mubarak ho aap ko,
Khushiyo ki Saugaat mubarak ho aap ko,
Jo pyar se bana ho khwab
Wo aane wala khoobsurat khwab mubarak ho aap
Good Night Dear...

Mango, Orange, Banana, Grapes & Apple.
Which is D most sweet? Guess pls, dn't know?
These r just fruits; U R D sweetest of all.
Good Night Sweetie....

The brightest stars in my life are not
planetary objects, they are friends like
you who shine through night and day.
Good night...!

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Good Night Text

Close your eyes,
Concentrate your mind &
Pray to god about the things
That you want most.
GOD must fulfill your prayer...
Have a nice sleep...

Good Night..

U live in ur dreamz but dreamz may die don't get shattered,
never ever cry the world is big & has lotz to give pick up
a new dream coz thatz the way to live
~ Good Night ...

Hello ! This is our ATD (Any Time Disturbance) service.
We are the experts in disturbing
and irritating people at busy hours.
Our goal has been achieved.

Thank you "Good Night"

“I like to say good night so you can sleep well and dream with me.
You are always in my thoughts when I am awake and when
I am sleeping."

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Goodnight Text

If I am not beside you I feel very sad because you have become the source of all my joy.
I hope you have sweet dreams and tomorrow will wake radiant as ever....

Ho mubarak apko ye suhani raat,
mile khwabo me bhi khud ka saath,
khule jab apki aankhen to,
dheron khushiya ho apke sath....

Hum Kabhi Apno Se Khafa Ho
Nahi Sakte.. Dosti Ke
Rishtey Bewafa Ho Nahi Sakte..
Aap Bhale Humein Bhula Ke
So Jaao, Hum Aapko Yaad Kiye
Bina So Nahi Sakte...

Koi kuch bhi na kahay to pata kya hai
Is bechain khamoshi ki wajah kya hai
Unhain ja kay koi kahay hum lay lenge zahar bhi
Woh sirf yeh to bata dain meri khata kya hai…….!

Goodnight Text 

 Suno Chupke Se
Chhoti Si Ek Baat
Ho Gayi Hai Raat
Gino Dheere Se
Taaron Ki Hai Baraat
Chandni Hai Yeh Raat
So Jao Pyar Se
Ho Gayi Hai Raat
Kar Lo Aankhein Band
Meethi Si Nindiya
Sapno Ke Sath..
Aayega Naya Savera
Nai Ummeedo Ke Sath
Chhoti Si Baat
Par Lambi Hai Raat...

Dard apki judayi ka hum chupchap sehte hain,
kyonki narjon ke samne nahi hum apke dil mei rehte hain.
Pata nahi hume neend aayegi bhi ya nahi,
par aap so sako chain se isliye apko good night kehte hain....

Uthane se leharo ke sagar me hui zara hulchul
jaise lehron ne chaha pana bas kisi ko ek pal.
Baarish ki bundein bhi giri sagar me,
nadiyan bhi jake mili sagar me,
lekin aietraz hai sabko lehron ke uthane se sagar me.
Hui lgon ko shikayat tez leharon se,
chaha unhone ki ho jaye wo dur sagar se.
Mila sagar ki leharon ko toofan ka naam,
lekin kar nahi sakta koi sachhe pyaar ko badnaam.
Duniya ki nazron me lehrein toofan ban gayi,
par sagar ke liye wo, uski pehchaan ban gayi....

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